ASHIL II Simulator System

The ASHIL enables the simulation of realistic flight condition.

It perfectly supports the simulated flight of quad plane, fixed wing, multi-rotors and tilt rotors.

Small Size and Powerful

  • Semi-physical Simulation, restore real flight.
  • Type-C interface power supply and communication.
  • Rich scenes, fine models.
  • Industry application full operation process simulation.

Delicate UAV model

Restore true aerodynamic characteristics

*Platform and scene customizable

Industry Application Full Process Simulation

  • Realistic training environment for UAV operators, simulate a complete operation for training purposes.
  • Simulate adverse weather conditions, test the UAV and operator under different weather conditions (wind speed direction and/or gusts, etc.)
  • Route planning of surveying and inspection, pre-flight inspection, fully autonomous flight operation simulation
  • Realistic simulation of sensor failures