AheadX ATS UAV Automatic Tracking Data Link

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Fully Automatic Tracking

With the support of multiple technologies, ATS can achieve fully automatic tracking of UAV, significantly enhancing user experience and communication performance.

Advanced State Perception

ATS integrates a satellite/inertial combination navigation system internally, enabling precise perception of its own position, attitude, and speed, accurately aligning the antenna with the UAV.

Vehicle/Maritime Applications

During UAV operations in vehicle/maritime scenarios, it automatically adjusts angles to stay aligned with the UAV, ensuring stable and reliable communication.

Self-Stabilizing Gimbal

ATS offers 360° continuous adjustment in the horizontal direction and 180° adjustment in pitch, freeing hands completely.

Overhead Algorithm Optimization

During overhead UAV flights, the gimbal can rapidly respond to tracking, maintaining uninterrupted and stable communication.

IP65 Protection Level

ATS supports an IP65 protection level, capable of withstanding dust and rain. It remains stable even in complex environments.

Convenient Transportation, Rapid Deployment

ATS comes with a portable transport case built to aviation transportation standards. Its integrated design enables quick deployment to operational status within 1 minute.

Datalink Blind Zone Detection

The ATS system, in conjunction with a 3D terrain map, can achieve communication blind zone detection. It automatically marks communication blind zones in the current task as gray.

Efficient Interaction Interface

Intuitive Display of Control Status, Rapid Mode Switching, and Keyboard Shortcut Operations in Exceptional Situations.

Multiple Versions Available

ATS is adaptable to all unmanned aerial vehicles and flight control products from AheadX. Users can select different versions based on their needs.