High-precision relative positioning and attitude guidance system

Accurate and unmistakable

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CRUX Southern Cross High-precision Relative Positioning and Positioning Guidance System is a high-precision UAV ground guiding device that perfectly integrates high-precision positioning and orientation data with inertial measurement attitude data, and can cooperate with the AheadX product DG3 mobile station. Achieve high-precision follow-up flight, fixed point recovery and dynamic recovery of various unmanned aircraft types, which means accurate and accurate.


Cooperating with UAV system equipped with AheadX Guidance Navigation Control System and the DG3 Mobile Station, the Southern Cross High-Precision Relative Positioning and Positioning Guidance System can achieve high-precision following flight (such as rotor release/tethered follow-up, fixed-wing/mixed-wing hovering, etc.), high-precision fixed-point recycling of drones (such as fixed-wing high-precision collision net recovery, sky hook recovery, blocking cable recovery, etc.) and high-precision dynamic recovery of drones (rotor/composite wing mobile platform) Landing, fixed-wing mobile collision nets, open umbrellas, etc.).

Precision flying/mooring and flying

Precision mobile platform landing

Sky hook recycling

Precision fixed point/mobile collision net recycling


In addition to the high-precision recycling methods above, the Southern Cross has never missed the angular motion of the mobile platform. With its powerful advantages of combining high-precision inertial measurement attitude data, Southern Cross can realize the guided landing of drones under floating and swaying platforms, such as high-precision guided landing of drones on ships floating with waves, which can achieve no whit of difference.

Precision landing on moving and floating platform

Practical Use

Graphical Display

We designed a dynamic radar display for Crux in AheadX Space V3, which can intuitively understand the current Crux positioning status and drone flight accuracy.

Precision flying/mooring and flying

At present, many customers have used the Crux advanced relative positioning and attitude guidance system for product improvement, functional testing and project development, so that the optimization and improvement of UAV system products has brought great help.