AheadX QP530 Reconnaissance UAV

Eye of the sky, take control from above

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Strong Performance

The superior flight performance of the 530 enables it to adapt to reconnaissance operations in complex environments without fear of various challenges.




speed regulation

Level 7

wind resistance

Full view, integrated lifting and lowering of the pod

Significantly reduce line of sight obstruction during pod movement, hide in the cabin when not in use, and reduce flight resistance; When in use, it is unfolded with one click and automatically retracted when landing.

Quick disassembly design for quick deployment

The reconnaissance opportunity is fleeting. The QP530 machine adopts a quick disassembly structure design, with fewer disassembly modules and no need for any tools to complete the disassembly. A single person can quickly complete the assembly within 3 minutes and quickly carry out the operation.

Folding arm

Multi autogyro arm and middle wing adopt integrated design, and the arm can be folded and stored,The folding part is connected by dovetail joint structural join, which is reliable and easy to use.

Connectionless rudder surface

No exposed servo linkage, using aviation aluminum alloy as the direct drive structure, the control accuracy and consistency of the rudder surface are extremely high. At the same time, there is no need to install connecting rod drive electrical systems on the wings and tail wings, making maintenance and replacement easier.

Connectionless rudder surface

Few structural components, high accuracy, and good consistency. The wings and tail wings have no exposed connecting rods, no electrical system, and multiple drones can be interchanged for use

Conventional linkage driven rudder surface

There are many structural components, and the accuracy consistency is relatively poor. Exposed connecting rod.It is more prone to damage during transportation and installation.

Linkless Rudder Drive Animation

30KM data link+4G network dual backup

QP530 is equipped with a 30KM integrated graph and digital link, and supports access to 4G networks as backup communication, ensuring smooth communication even in complex reconnaissance environments.

Intelligent battery management

Support self heating, real-time monitoring of health status, and eliminate potential safety hazards.

Battery SOC


Current Voltage


Curent curent


Health status


Number of cycles


























Fearless of the environment, always on standby

Working in an environment of 20 ℃~50 ℃, able to fly for a short time in light rain or snow weather, ready to start work at any time.

Safer redundancy system

Core hardware redundancy design, four redundancy IMU, three redundancy heading measurement, dual redundancy airspeed meter, and dual redundancy satellite measurement.

Communication antenna 1 Communication antenna 2 Satellite antenna 1 Satellite antenna 2 Airspeed 1 Airspeed 2

Comprehensive security inspection

  • Motor abnormal alarm
    Speed, voltage, control quantity
    Alarm for propeller not installed
    Foreign object blockage alarm
  • Abnormal alarm of steering gear
    Voltage, current, temperature, control quantity

Image performance of deep tuning

30x optical zoom for visible light, achieving a seamless appearance.

1/1.8 inch CMOS sensor, 4.17 million pixels

Visible light 30x optical zoom

Digital 12x zoom

Supports electronic fog penetration

Screen does not tilt at large rolling angles

Most of the pod products on the market may experience screen tilting during drone high roll angle flight. The QP530 pod uses flight control data for attitude correction to ensure that the high roll angle screen does not tilt

QP530 Large Roll Angle Flight Effect

The screen is stable and not tilted

Large roll angle flight effect of other products

There is a noticeable tilt angle in the picture

QP530 Large Roll Angle Flight Video

multi-target recognition

Recognize targets such as characters and vehicles, and support AI recognition customization for special targets

Geographic location locking

By clicking the map position or the Space bar to lock the central position of the screen, the search efficiency is greatly improved

Pointing flight

More flexible flight, quickly heading towards the selected location on the map

One click to go to the screen target

Simplify complexity, and when suspicious targets are observed, you can quickly go to the target and hover around it

Quick search mode

Quick search mode, the drone automatically follows the direction of the pod movement, without the need for additional control of the drone, and can focus on searching.

Intelligent follow flight mode

Lock the target with one click and follow it, automatically stabilizing and following the high-speed target

AR navigation

AR information screen overlay, displaying aircraft and target positions and movement trends, no longer lost

Comprehensive emergency protection

Fearless in the face of danger, with various emergency protection strategies to escort in emergency situations

Imitation protection

Equipped with millimeter wave radar, it automatically follows terrain changes during flight to avoid collision risks

Galaxy Unmanned Machine Cloud Management System

3D real-time data monitoring, remote control of drones, viewing real-time videos

Mobile/Desktop GCS

QP530 supports Mobile/Desktop GCS. Mobile GCS adopts a lightweight design, which makes the operation simpler and reduces the burden of carrying equipment for field operations.