Taurus - 2

New Generation Of Industrial Guidance Navigation and Control System (Autopilot),Come with Expectation

  • Industrial Hardware

    Multi Redundant System

  • Weight: 100g

    Palm Size Only

  • Working Temperature


  • Internal Damping


  • Galaxy

    Cloud Management

  • One Station Controls

    Multiple Platform Drones


Default Dual Redundancy Electronic Compass

Can be increased to Treble Redundancy

4 Redundant IMU

Double redundancy high precision airspeed meter

Treble Redundancy Barometric altitude measurement

-20~75℃ TCS

Double Redundancy Single Point / RTK

Satellite Navigation

Powerful Multi-Redundant System

In addition to high-performance industrial-grade hardware indicators, the powerful multi-redundant system mechanism make Taurus 2 to have a more powerful inner "core", and it is easy to face sudden failures!

Rich Interfaces

The pursuit of practicality, not oversimplification or over design, What users want is what we strive to change!

15 PWM output channels Direct drive external mission equipment

4 CAN bus Avionics Module Arbitrarily Expanded

3 expansion serial ports Easy to develop and integrate

10 routes with1000 waypoints each Meet the needs of large-scale aerial survey

17000 POS Data

Restores Real Dynamic Characteristics Makes Flying More Accurate

Newly Designed Master Easy

Remove tedious parameter adjustments and introduce a lot of graphical interaction Installation commissioning and flight commissioning will no longer be a problem, and novices can learn quickly.

Simple Installation

Modular connection, which greatly saves the user's installation time, and the entire system also becomes more reliable and easy to use.

Status lights & navigation lights

Designed to meet aviation industry standard HB 6490


Long-distance wireless data transmission


Airspeed measurement for fixed-wing and hybrid-wing drones


Integrated satellite receiver & magnetic compass

AheadX Software Support

Cloud monitoring, remote control, RTK base sharing, network RTK, no-fly zone query are implemented by the cloud management system. Space V3 Pro controls multiple machines with one station, realizing large-scale drone mapping, drone cluster formation, and other functions.